How to Pick Cremation Jewelry

With the rise of people opting to get cremated after death, there has also been a proportional increase in the number of ways that people choose to memorialize the deceased and to store their cremated remains. One of the available options is cremation jewelry, which is fast becoming a popular choice for families to keep their departed loved one still close to them.

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Cremation Jewelry

One of the most creatively unique ways of honoring someone who has passed on is through cremation jewelry pieces. Simply put, cremation jewelry is primarily designed to hold cremation ashes inside a piece of jewelry. They usually come in pendant form to be worn as part of a necklace. There are also designs available where the article is intended only for the practical reason of holding the ash and isn’t meant to be worn.


Many people choose the pendant-type cremation jewelry as it gets made in shapes and styles that can store ashes. Functional aspect aside, most people use pendants for the ashes for its symbolic meaning of having a piece of their loved one close to their heart. For a grieving person, this can be a source of comfort after losing someone that they love. The designs for these pendants are virtually unlimited although there seems to be a preference for crosses and other religious symbols when it comes to cremation jewelry. Non-religious styles are also available.


What makes this type of jewelry especially attractive?

The reasons are:

  • Ideal keepsakes for families that are scattered in different places

With the ease of travel and a globalized economy that makes career opportunities in faraway places more accessible, a lot more people have become more mobile. As a consequence, it is not unusual anymore for families to be scattered all over the world. When a family member passes on, it is quite impractical for other family members to have regular visits to their grave or final resting place even if they wanted to.

Thus, memorial jewelry provides a solution that is both practical and meaningful. As cremation jewelry pieces as designed to hold only a tiny amount of someone’s ashes inside, this means that the ashes can be divided into as many jewelry pieces as the family wants to have made. Each family member will have a piece of their loved one that they can bring anywhere they go.

  • Memories remain fresh and constant

The main reason why a lot of people choose to wear cremation jewelry is to have their loved one as close to them. Even with the person gone, having this constant reminder can almost feel like they can still embrace them. With this physical sensation, people find it easier to cope with what seems like a permanent loss. Aside from being a source of physical comfort, these pieces also prompt memories of the happy times shared with the departed, gradually replacing the feelings of grief with calm acceptance.

These keepsake pieces come in various designs and forms. Heart-shaped lockets are one of the most popular choices for storing small amounts of ashes. Aside from the ashes, the lockets can also be made to have meaningful engravings as well as a photograph of the departed. For those who prefer urn jewelry, design choices range from religious symbols such as crucifixes to nature-inspired ones such as butterfly pendants.

Where to find cremation jewelry online

Perfect Memorials carry a broad range of cremation jewelry to match any budget. Simple pieces start at under $29.95, but there are also pricier options with more intricate designs made of precious metals and embedded with gemstones.

Perfect Memorials aim to help people remember their loved ones always by literally keeping them close to their hearts through memorial jewelry. Choices are not limited to pendants and necklaces; rings and bracelets are also available in simple to ornate styles. One can also choose from cremation jewelry made out of stainless steel, wood, glass, sterling silver, gold vermeil, or 14k gold.

One can opt from simple ones to more intricate heart or cross designs. It is possible to match the design to either your personality or the personality of your loved one. While there are various other ways to remember a loved one, memorial jewelry gives the unique advantage of a tangible keepsake that can last as long as the wearer lives or even beyond.

The number of people that Perfect Memorials serve is increasing, and they are choosing from the wide assortment of cremation jewelry they offer.

  • They offer wide range of styles, shapes, sizes, and themes to choose from
  • A lot of the jewelry pieces come with the option of personalization
  • Keeping your loved one close to you for as long as you wish

Whether your design taste draws you to simple cylinders or hearts and religious symbols – you will find that piece of cremation jewelry to suit your taste. You can even add some adornment by embedding precious or synthetic stones. If engraving of text, adding artwork, or photos is more your thing, this can also be done easily.

Cremation jewelry can turn the pressure of storing the ashes into a source of comfort and a way to memorialize a loved one by sharing the cremains among family members instead of storing all the ashes in one urn and having it buried.

Aside from saving a small amount of cremains, cremation jewelry can also hold other mementos such as burial soil, memorial flowers, and locks of hair.

Another leading source of cremation jewelry is In the Light Urns.

They have an extensive selection of elegant silver and gold keepsake pieces. Their catalog reflects how many unique pieces that you can choose from. Many of the available pieces they carry can be engraved. Memorializing loved ones through these pieces is becoming popular and finding them online has become easy. It is recommended to browse for the various sellers online if one is interested in using jewelry urns to memorialize their loved ones.


With a piece of cremation jewelry, you have the opportunity to have your loved one still a part of your daily life, carrying the memories shared with them at all times. Because we will always be emotionally attached to the friends, family, or even pets that we love even when they pass on, we don’t have to suffer from the physical loss ultimately. With a piece of cremation urn jewelry, you can both express your devotion to a loved one and still have them close to you. There are many beautiful styles of these cremation urn jewelry pieces available for you to show how much the departed loved one mattered to you.

Most of these online sellers of cremation jewelry, offer to ship within 24 hours or even earlier while others have a shipping time of five to seven days. Standard shipping is free for most. It might be pricier but the Overnight UPS and the 2nd Day Air UPS options are also available. These options are shown and can be selected in the online order check out section.

The cremation urn jewelry pendants from Evrmemories are suitable for both men and women wearers. The entire line is of unisex design.

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