A Meaningful Funeral Needn’t Be Costly

There is a huge range of funeral costs depending on what the deceased person wished for before they passed away. Funerals can be relatively inexpensive and affordable, or extremely pricey. Here we have some ideas about managing funeral costs for either your or your loved one’s funeral so that you don’t have to worry too much since funerals are already stressful enough with thinking about the money.

The range of funeral costs

Funerals in the US cost just a little bit over 8,000 dollars, according to a recent study. Burials are more costly than cremations, but regardless, there will be many costs associated with either choice. No matter what, funerals are expensive.

Of course, there are ways to manage the costs:

  • Choose a cremation instead of burial
  • Choose a cheaper casket or coffin.
  • Have a pre-paid funeral plan.
  • Consider a “green funeral.”
  • Cater the funeral yourself or have a friend do it, and minimize transportation.
  • Do floral arrangements yourself, or have a friend help.

All of these things will keep costs down.

How much does a funeral cost?

A funeral can cost anywhere from a thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Just because you go all out, having decadent food, elegant displays, fancy caskets, etc., doesn’t necessarily mean the funeral will be the most perfect or meaningful. Sometimes, the most useful service could just be a small gathering with the closest family members and friends remembering their loved one and sending them off. Cost depends on what the deceased wanted, and what the living relative’s price range is.

Funeral Casket

Managing the costs

Fortunately, there are prepaid funeral plans that make funerals much more affordable. If the deceased chose to pre-fund their funeral, then that means they pay for it while they are still alive. This is commonly known as funeral insurance. If they do this, their loved ones do not have to worry about paying for the funeral.

If they don’t pre-pay, funeral directors can help manage the cost. Don’t worry about small budgets, funeral directors are very helpful and will do their best to guarantee a meaningful funeral that isn’t financially devastating.

Friends and family can help keep funeral costs down

It’s always okay to ask for help. Your family and friends will likely be there for you, so please don’t hesitate to let them assist you through what will be a difficult time. You can have them help with catering, floral arrangements, or even transportation. These people are there to help, and if they ask to help, allow them to. Don’t burden yourself with too much when you’re in the middle of grieving.

Getting help with funeral costs

If the funeral is still too expensive after following all of these tips, there is still hope. You can get help with funeral expenses in other ways besides prepaid plans or ask for help from loved ones. You can use an employer’s pension or the UK Social Fund; both tools meant to help you. There are other tools out there as well, and you should investigate everything you can to have an affordable and inexpensive, but still memorable, meaningful funeral.

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